New Hook services to include GP led health centre

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NHS Kingston | Press Release | 19 January 2010

NHS Kingston has announced the preferred location of a new GP led health centre which will open later this year in Gosbury Hill, Hook.

The centre – the first of its kind in Kingston – will offer a range of walk-in services and appointments to both registered and non-registered patients.

The GP led health centre will operate in addition to Grays Medical Practice and Orchard Practice, which are already based on the site.

David Smith, chief executive for NHS Kingston, said: “It’s good news that a venue for the GP led centre has been found which will provide additional health services for local residents including walk-in services and longer opening hours.

“Patients who currently use the two GP practices on the same site can continue to have a relationship with their existing GPs – the new service is about providing additional health services for a wider patient group.”

At the end of last year, following an open tendering process, the Grays Medical Practice was appointed as the preferred bidder to buy the Gosbury Hill site and to develop new premises for both its own practice and the neighbouring Orchard Practice which occupies the same building.

The Grays Medical Practice will be leading the development of the premises which will include the new GP led centre. Malling Health will be contracted by NHS Kingston to run the GP led health centre and provide a high standard of service for local people.

Dr John Gray, from Grays Medical Practice, said: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to take the Gosbury Hill site into the new decade for the benefit of all local residents. We’ll be using our expertise on local health needs to lead the development of the new premises.

Working with Malling Health and the neighbouring Orchard Practice, we’ll ensure there continues to be a high standard of health service for local residents.”

Plans are being developed for state-of-the-art premises that will be lighter, more spacious and enable the practices to benefit from the latest technological developments. A planning application is expected within the first few months of this year.

It is anticipated that walk-in services will be available at Gosbury Hill without impacting on current GP services. This will be achieved by some internal reorganisation of the building which is expected to be completed in April 2010.

In the longer term, the site will also provide additional health services for the local community as part of NHS Kingston’s ongoing polysystems programme bringing more services closer to home.

Notes to editors

What is a GP Led Health Centre?

In October 2007, Lord Darzi published the interim report of the NHS Next Stage Review (England only), which announced a number of immediate recommendations, including the establishment of 1 new GP-led health centre per PCT.

The GP Led Health Centre will be a new service that will offer GP and Nurse Appointments.

The centre will offer a full range of medical services to all registered and non registered patients offering pre-bookable appointments, walk-in services and other co-located services.

For more information on NHS Kingston’s polysystems programme go to

For more information contact Sarah Campion, NHS Kingston communications team; tel:020
8339 8086, email:

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NHS Westminster: GP-led Health Centres & Polyclinics

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NHS Westminster | Committee Report | Health Consultations and Service Development | 15 December 2009 [word]

GP-led Health Centres

The introduction of GP-Led Health Centres is a nationally driven initiative to extend access to primary care services in response to the findings of Lord Darzi’s review that notes access as a significant concern for patients and service users.

The minimum services specified by the Department of Health for the GP led health centres were as follows:

  • Core GP services
  • Open 8am to 8pm 7 days a week
  • Bookable GP appointments and walk-in services
  • Registered and non-registered patients.

London PCT’s were asked to commission at least one GP-Led Health Centre by March 31st 2009.

In 2008, NHS Westminster initiated a programme of work to procure 2 GP-Led Health Centres for the north and south of the borough in areas of highest health need.  Unfortunately in the Victoria/Pimlico area difficulties were encountered in finding suitable premises for this new service and therefore we have not been able to proceed. We remain committed to providing extra GP services in the south of the borough and are currently exploring all available options to ensure that we deliver the best services possible for local people.

The contract for the GP-Led Health Centre in the north of the borough was awarded to Malling Health LLP and premises for the service have been identified in Queens Park.

A temporary premises solution has been secured while the permanent location is being made fit for purpose.  The GP led health centre opened in this temporary location on 26 October 2009.  The service is called Malling Health at Westminster.  The practice is open for patients 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week at Woodchester Square, W2.  The practice is adequately staffed with clinical and administrative personnel.  The Practice is expected to move into the permanent premises by June 2010.

Whilst in the temporary location, Malling Health will be operating under the same contractual arrangements as they will in the permanent location, including the provision of the full range of services within their contract.


NHS Westminster is consulting with residents in two areas on the development of new Polysystems for the provision of out-of-hospital and primary care services. The two areas have been designated as Queen’s Park and Paddington – which covers Queen’s Park, Harrow Road, Westbourne, Bayswater, Lancaster gate and Hyde Park – and Central Westminster – which covers Bryanston & Dorset Square, Marylebone High Street, The West End, Abbey Road, Maida Vale, Little Venice, Regent’s Park, Church Street.

A polysystem is simply a network of community health services – clinics, health centres and GP surgeries – which all work together to care for patients.  It can organise for patients to get the care they need more efficiently, support patients in getting more care nearer to home and reduce the number of trips patients have to make into hospital.

GPs will be able to offer tests, appointments and treatment more quickly and conveniently.  It will also be easier to get an urgent appointment or go to a walk-in service near to home or work.  It can offer more health services in a community setting.  Examples include:

  • urgent care and walk-in services
  • diagnostics such as blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds
  • community nursing
  • physiotherapy, occupational therapy and podiatry
  • minor surgery
  • hearing tests and hearing aid fitting
  • obstetric and maternity appointments
  • support to help with a long term condition
  • outpatient clinics
  • mental health clinics
  • sexual health clinics.

It will offer these services alongside the traditional community health services (GPs, NHS dentistry and pharmacies) and well-being services from the local authority from housing and benefits advice to debt counselling or support in getting back to work.  When a GP surgery becomes part of a polysystem, patients will still see their own GP as before.  In addition, they will also be able to see the other GPs and healthcare professionals that are part of the network.

NHS Westminster is running two separate consultations, one in each proposed polysystem area.  The proposals have been developed by local Practice-Based Commissioning Clusters in partnership with NHS Westminster to reflect local needs and experience.  Although the NHS London policy of developing polysystems is being implemented by NHS Westminster, it is important that each one is tailored to the needs and views of local residents, patients, stakeholders, GPs and other professional clinical staff.

All stakeholders on the NHS Westminster database will be contacted in the relevant areas and invited to contribute to the consultation.  NHS Westminster will also be offering stakeholders the opportunity to attend meetings to discuss and listen to local views.  Online questionnaires and response mechanisms are also being made available and consultation materials will also be available online, in GP practices and other NHS facilities as well as in libraries.

Feedback from the consultations will be collated and analysed.  Separate reports will be created for consideration by the NHS Westminster Board and will be made available online and in a feedback document to stakeholders and respondees to the consultation.

The NHS Westminster Board will then consider the responses to the consultations in developing the service specification and implementation plan.

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NHS Westminster – Update on GP Led Health Centre, Polysystems and Dental Practices

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NHS Westminster | Board Meeting | 24 November 2009 [pdf]

Following the discussions at the last Board, this paper provides an update on key developments within primary and community care in Westminster.
Queens Park GP Led Health Centre Summary Update

Karen Clinton, Assistant Director, Primary Care Commissioning | 3 November 2009

Temporary solution

The GP Led Health Centre opened on 26 October 2009. The service is called Malling Health at Westminster. The practice is open for patients 8.00am – 8.00pm, 7 days a week, from temporary premises situated at Woodchester Square. The practice is adequately staffed with clinical and administrative personnel. NHS Westminster met the Department of Health target to open the GP Led Health Centre by 31 October 2009.

Permanent solution
  • Malling Health and their agents, GPI, have agreed the Heads of Terms (HoT) with Genesis Housing.
  • The rent has been agreed between NHS Westminster and GPI and the rental level is supported by the District Valuer.
  • The planning application for the permanent premises was submitted on 1 October 2009. The process will take 8 – 12 weeks in total. Taking into account the planning process and the work required to make the premises operational, the contractors have advised that the building will be ready for occupation in April 2010. A project plan for delivery of the permanent solution is in development.
  • Dr Thomas Reichhelm, Medical Director for Malling, has met with Dr Srikrishnamurthy, who is located directly opposite the Genesis building.
  • Progress is now being made by Malling Health to integrate into one of Westminster’s PBC clusters.

Significant Risks
  • The planning cycle for “change of use”, from retail to clinical, may take longer than the estimated 8 weeks and could impact upon the building work required to make the premises habitable.
  • The building work may hit unforeseen problems that could delay the opening in April 2010.

Polysystems Update

Simon Hope, Assistant Director, Strategic Commissioning | 3 November 2009


The PCT is progressing development of 3 Polysystems across Westminster. Polysystem boundaries are broadly aligned with the 3 largest PbC clusters and design of Polysystem service models is being led by PbC clusters, supported by the Polysystem Programme Team.

Detail regarding development of each Polysystem is detailed below including the latest position in terms of cost and timescale for implementation:


The project is at implementation stage and work is underway to develop the South Westminster Centre, which is the identified system hub. A programme of minor refurbishment is due to begin, and discussions are underway with a range of service providers which will be commencing provision of new clinics in the Centre during the coming months. These include; Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), Dermatology, Musculoskeletal services and Diabetes.

A marketing and communications plan is being drafted to include engagement with key stakeholders including clinicians and local residents, regarding the further development of the polysystem.

Discussions with the Victoria Commissioning Collaborative Cluster, regarding arrangements for management of the Polysystem, associated resources and governance arrangements between the Polysystem and the PCT are at an advanced stage.

To date, there has been new investment in the Polysystem of £280,000, to fund minor refurbishment and IT infrastructure costs. Further significant investment will be required in order to facilitate extended hub opening hours, building management, and commissioning of an on-site Urgent Care Centre. Specific detail of costs will depend on the respective service models and procurement routes selected. Savings to be accrued from the Polysystem, linked to development of redesigned community-based services, are being calculated using the Commissioning Support for London (CSL) framework, which is being relaunched in November. Detail will be included in the next Board update.


Following a workshop with the Central London Healthcare Cluster, a design report has been produced which highlights a significant range of areas where further work is required in order to finalise the service model.

The Cluster’s preference is for a largely federated system, with services provided in a range of locations and integration achieved via its planned Clinical Co-ordination Centre.

The major focus to date has been in relation to the model for commissioning community-based Urgent Care services. The model put forward by the Cluster proposes multiple practice-based sites, providing integrated planned and urgent care by current primary care providers, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. The PCT is assessing the affordability of this option and whether it meets Healthcare for London requirements.

In addition to scoping the potential for development of a number of practice-based sites for urgent care provision, the project has PCT Management Team approval to work with Central London Community Healthcare (CLCH) to develop an integrated planned and urgent care service at the Soho Centre for Health, by integrating the PMS practice and the Walk-In service already commissioned there.

Work is ongoing to identify potential locations for other Polysystem services. The cluster is keen that, as far as possible, services are hosted by GP practices and is developing criteria which potential host sites will be required to meet.

An engagement process with local stakeholders is due to commence during November, the findings of which will be incorporated into the final service model which should be complete by February 2010. The timescale for implementation will be dependent on the model, as will the requisite investment and planned savings over time.

North West

Following a workshop with the Queens Park and Paddington Cluster, a design report has been produced which highlights a significant range of areas where further work is required in order to finalise the service model.

The Cluster’s proposal is for development of the Queens Park Medical Centre (QPMC) as a polysystem hub, working with the GPs in the centre to deliver an integrated model of planned and urgent care services. The Project Team is assessing the affordability of the urgent care element of this model, linked to the likely footfall of patients through the service and the close proximity of other urgent care services at the planned GP-led Health Centre on Harrow Road, and also at St Charles Hospital in NHS Kensington and Chelsea. If affordability and return on investment of the urgent care element of the model cannot be demonstrated, work to develop the QPMC as the hub will continue, with a range of other services being located there.

An engagement process with local stakeholders is due to commence during November, the findings of which will be incorporated into the final service model which should be complete by February 2010. The timescale for implementation will be dependent on the model, as will the requisite investment and planned savings over time.

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Malling Health centres

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Malling Health | News Release | accessed 16 October 2009

  1. NHS Westminster award flagship centre to Malling Health
  2. NHS Kingston appoint Malling Health as preferred provider for their ‘Chessington World of Primary Care’
  3. NHS Cambridgeshire have chosen Malling Health for their GP led Health Centre in St Neots
  4. Double win for Malling Health in Telford
  5. NHS shropshire awards Malling Health with Shrewsbury GP led Health Centre contract
  6. Malling Health scoop all four APMS contracts in Sandwell including one GP led Health Centre
  7. NHS Coventry awards Malling Health with 2 new surgery contracts: Malling Health will set up 2 new surgeries in Coventry, one in Foleshill and the other in Stoke Aldermoor. Both services are expected to commence in April 2009.
  8. Malling Health wins bid to run new surgery in Worle, Weston-super-Mare. This exciting service will be set up on a new site and we expect it to open in early summer 2009. 

It is our aim to work with commissioners as well as patients to find solutions that best fit the needs of the local population, always aiming to involve all other agencies.

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New St Neots Health Centre

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Heart Cambridge | NHS Cambridgeshire | accessed 5 November 2009

A new health centre, which will be the first in Cambridgeshire to offer extended opening hours, is set to open.

The new GP-led centre, which will be open every day of the week, including weekends and bank holidays, from 8am to 8pm, will open on Monday (9th November).

Patients can now register to use the new facility.

It will be open for patients to walk in or use as their permanent GP practice.

Chris Banks, chief executive of NHS Cambridgeshire, said: “This new health centre is good news for the people of St Neots and surrounding villages, giving greater access to good quality health services.

People further afield can also make use of the walk in clinic and receive advice and treatment 12 hours a day.”

The new centre does not replace existing GP services in the area, but will add to them by offering patients GP and nurse appointments when their own surgery is closed and a drop in facility throughout the week.

It will be run by private company Malling Health on behalf of NHS Cambridgeshire.

Extending access to services by increasing opening hours is one of a number of pledges NHS East of England signed up to last year.

Anyone will be able to use the new service while they are registered with their current GP.

Their own doctor will then usually be informed about any treatment given.

Public Invited To St Neots Super Surgery Meeting

Hunts Post | NHS Cambridgeshire | 2 October 2009

MEMBERS of the public are being invited to attend an open meeting to find out more about the new super surgery due to open in St Neots in November.

The meeting is being held on Monday (October 5) from 6.30pm-8pm at The Guest Hall in the Priory Centre, St Neots.

It has been organised by NHS Cambridgeshire who will provide an update on the progress of the town’s new GP led health centre. 

The new centre will be open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm at its temporary site in the former Rosebys store in Moores Walk. 

Matthew Smith, assistant director of out of hospital care at NHS Cambridgeshire said: “We would encourage anyone with an interest in finding out more about the new GP led health centre to come along to the open meeting. 

“At the meeting there will be opportunities for people to meet representatives from NHS Cambridgeshire and Malling Health who will be providing this new service. There will also be opportunities for questions following the presentation.

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1,000 people petition for for Chessington health clinic

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Surrey Comet | By David Linsell | 4 October 2009

Patients of a “cramped” GP surgery in Hook have handed in a 1,000-strong petition to health chiefs after plans to buy the building and redevelop it stalled.

GPs in the Gosbury Hill Health Centre were given first refusal by NHS Kingston in June to buy the building, described as the worst in the whole borough, and the Hook Clinic next door, to redevelop them.

The two practices said they had put in a bid matching the price of the building as judged by the district valuer and are prepared to spend £2m to build a new health facility.

But three months later, long-suffering patients are frustrated there is still no deal between husband and wife team Drs Bala and Siva Balasingam, Dr John Gray, and the NHS.

They are also worried about the impact the awarding of a contract for brand new GP-led walk in centre in the area will have.

Colin Dance, of the Orchard practice patients group, confronted NHS Kingston chief executive David Smith at the organisation’s annual general meeting on Monday, handing in a petition of 1,423 patients urging board members to press ahead with the sale.

He said: “There seems to be another impasse come today which is desperately concerning us.”

Fellow patient Sid Eaves said: “We don’t feel very confident we are going to get a fair deal with regard to the practice.”

But David Smith, chief executive of NHS Kingston, said: “We have said to both practices ‘the offer is there’.

“It is time for the two practices to start working together to make this a reality.”

When the Surrey Comet contacted Dr John Gray, he denied the practices were not in agreement.

He said: “There is absolute 100 percent determined commitment by both practices and the patient participation groups that we must redevelop.”

A third party, which he declined to name but said was not Mallings Health, was also working with both practices to help them buy the site, he said.

There is still no word on where Mallings Health will locate the new GP-led walk in clinic which will start with no patients.

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