Assura Medical – Case studies123

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Assura Medical – Case studies123.

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Health care provider Camidoc declared insolvent after controversial contract loss

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Health care provider Camidoc declared insolvent after controversial contract loss (From Haringey Independent).

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ChilversMcCrea and The Practice join forces

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ChilversMcCrea website

Leading healthcare provider, The Practice, announces expansion news which will bolster its already extensive network of GP surgeries and walk-in centres. As of 19 November 2010, Chilvers & McCrea Ltd (Surgery business) became part of The Practice group. Combined, the group will now provide care to over 150,000 NHS patients registered in England and Wales through 50 surgeries, seven of which are walk-in centres.

With the forthcoming changes in NHS primary care in mind, Dr Sarah Chilvers and Dr Rory McCrea, the founders of Chilvers & McCrea Ltd, felt that by bringing the company under the umbrella of The Practice, it would benefit from the financial security and wider range of options for patient care which a larger organisation has to offer. It is strongly believed that this move will benefit all patients, stakeholders and surgery staff alike.

Peter Watts, Chief Executive for The Practice, says: “As a result of the White Paper ‘Liberating the NHS’, it is clear that providers of primary care need to be more cohesive in how they deliver care to patients. It is my belief that in order to be a fit for purpose organisation, we need to create a health eco-system with a scale and complexity that small localised organisations alone cannot achieve.”

Watts continued, “Sarah, Rory and I have frequently discussed the positive opportunities in providing primary healthcare as a combined organisation on behalf of the NHS. Over the years we have continued to identify the strong synergy between our respective organisations and with a radical shake-up of the NHS imminent, we feel that now is the right time to effect the integration necessary to realise this shared vision.”

Rory added: “We will be working closely with The Practice during the coming months to ensure the successful integration of the two organisations and the continued high quality of care for patients. Sarah and I will be stepping down from the day to day running of the business but are excited by the prospect of being able to focus on a number of strategic projects and healthcare initiatives for the group. Additionally we are continuing to offer our expertise to other healthcare and NHS bodies through ChilversMcCrea Healthcare”.

Notes to editors

The Practice is a primary care organisation, headquartered in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire. It provides healthcare in the community as well as into secure environments such as prisons and detention centres.

The Practice was founded five years ago by GPs. It boasts a unique blend of clinical and commercial experience in that it combines best practice healthcare management with strong financial control and business acumen.

ChilversMcCrea Healthcare will continue as a Healthcare Provider in its own right. Chilvers and McCrea Ltd is the legal entity which holds the primary care medical services contracts (Surgeries).


Imogen Erskine, The SPA Way (on behalf of The Practice), on: 020 7403 6900, email:

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The Practice snaps up Chilvers McCrea surgery empire

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Pulse | 24 Nov 10 | By Ian Quinn

Private provider The Practice has taken over Chilvers and McCrea Ltd, taking its growing business to 50 practices and GP-led health centres.

After completing the deal, the company predicted that smaller organisations would no longer be able to survive under the Government’s white paper plans.

Private firms are bidding to take advantage of the Government’s plans by offering national-scale operations as providers and also offering commissioning support, but the move suggests there will be a survival of the biggest.

Dr Sarah Chilvers and Dr Rory McCrea, founders of Chilvers and McCrea Ltd, said selling the business to The Practice would give it ‘longer term greater financial security’ benefiting ‘patients, stakeholders and surgery staff alike’.

Peter Watts, chief executive of The Practice, which has won a raft of recent contracts to run Darzi centres and has been launching a major recruitment drive for GPs to work in its practices across the country, said: ‘As a result of the white paper ‘Liberating the NHS’, it is clear that providers of primary care need to be more cohesive in how they deliver care to patients.’

Click here to find out more!

‘It is my belief that in order to be a fit-for-purpose organisation, we need to create a health eco-system with a scale and complexity that small localised organisations alone cannot achieve.’

Mr Watts added: ‘Sarah, Rory and I have frequently discussed the positive opportunities in providing primary healthcare as a combined organisation on behalf of the NHS. Over the years we have continued to identify the strong synergy between our respective organisations and with a radical shake-up of the NHS imminent, we feel that now is the right time to effect the integration necessary to realise this shared vision.’

Dr McCrea said: ‘We will be working closely with The Practice during the coming months to ensure the successful integration of the two organisations and the continued high quality of care for patients.’

‘Sarah and I will be stepping down from the day-to-day running of the business but are excited by the prospect of being able to focus on a number of strategic projects and healthcare initiatives for the group. Additionally we are continuing to offer our expertise to other healthcare and NHS bodies through ChilversMcCrea Healthcare.’

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Map of Darzi contract renegotiations

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Pulse – Map of Darzi contract renegotiations.

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Half of Darzi centres under review

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Pulse – Half of Darzi centres under review.

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Take Care Now set for takeover

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Healthcare Republic | Susie Sell | 18 February 2010

Private out-of-hours provider Take Care Now is set to be taken over by larger private firm Harmoni, after heads of agreement have been signed between the two companies.

David Cocks, chief executive of TCN, suggested the future of the company is ‘best placed with a larger organisation’.

He said: ‘Harmoni is a key operator in the delivery of healthcare services to the NHS in England. They are of a size and scale which enables them to take the work TCN has done in delivering timely and appropriate care forward to the next stage.”

Dr Tony Snell, medical director of Harmoni, said: ‘We are delighted to have the opportunity to provide primary urgent care out of hours services to patients across these new areas of the country for Harmoni.

‘We believe that Harmoni will be able to provide strong business management and leadership, safe systems and processes based on our experience elsewhere, and the right level of support to enable them to deliver the best quality service possible for local people.”

Harmoni currently delivers services to more than 7 million patients on behalf of around 20 PCTs predominately located in south England and the West Midlands. TCN provides health services to around 1.5 million patients.

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Assura Stockton

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Home – Assura Stockton.

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New 8am – 8pm Health Centre and Walk-in Centre opens in the City Centre

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NHS Nottingham City | Press Release | accessed 3 January 2010

Nottingham patients can now benefit from a new health and walk-in centre on Upper Parliament Street in the City Centre.

This is the first of the NHS Nottingham City primary care facilities to open as part of the Equitable Access to Primary Medical Care programme. The new services are being introduced in response to Government minister Lord Darzi’s Our NHS, our future review which called for improved access to GPs.

The service has been commissioned by NHS Nottingham City and will be provided by NEMS Healthcare Ltd.  It is open 8am – 8pm every day including weekends. The Health Centre will offer a range of walk in services such as assessment and treatment of minor illnesses and injuries, along with healthy living advice and information. It will be open to everyone who lives or works in the City, and to people who are just visiting. In addition, people who live within the Nottingham City Council area have the option of registering with the health centre as their GP practice.

The 8am – 8pm Health Centre can be contacted on 0115 883 1960.

Peter May, Executive Director at NEMS Healthcare said: “The Health Centre is open to everyone on a walk-in basis and our team will provide you with a friendly, caring and professional service. Our team is made up of local healthcare professionals, including health care assistants, health advisers, nurses and GPs. Together, we are aiming to help people in Nottingham to improve their health and well-being by being available for extended hours in an easy to reach location within the City Centre.  If you are troubled by a minor illness or injury, you can just walk in and speak to our reception team who will arrange for you to be seen by the person best able to meet your needs. Our walk-in services include emergency contraception and healthy living advice. You do not have to be registered with the Health Centre to use our services. However, if you live within the Nottingham City Council boundary you may like to talk to us about the benefits of registering and making the Health Centre your GP practice.”

Katherine Thackeray, Assistant Director of Primary Care Services at NHS Nottingham City said: “The new health centre will provide a great additional healthcare facility.  It is an excellent addition to the range of services we have to help with urgent health care needs and take the pressure off other services such as the Emergency Department.

“We are committed to improving access and offering greater choice of primary care health services to help us deliver our aim of an end to health inequalities in our City.”

For more information about where to access health services, see NHS Nottingham City’s website ‘Get the right care, first time’ at

–          Ends –

Notes to editors

Update on the Equitable Access to Primary Care Programme

The Equitable Access programme launched by Lord Darzi committed the NHS to establish 150 new GP led health centres and 100 new GP practices across the country in areas with the greatest need.   Nottingham City has committed to opening a City Centre GP-led health centre and 3 new GP practices.

For further information or interviews, please contact:

Joanne Powell, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager
Phone: 0115 912 3384

Fax: 0115 912 3302


Visit the website at

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Conservatives urged to step up role of polyclinics and private sector

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Pulse | By Steve Nowottny | 29 January 2010

The founder of a private provider running a series of GP practices across the country has issued a public plea to the Conservative party to maintain the ‘momentum’ of the polyclinic rollout if they win the general election.

Dr Jeremy Rose, clinical director and founder GP of The Practice, which currently runs nine GP practices and four GP-led health centres, and plans to open a further four shortly, also urged the Conservatives to bring in more private providers to help drive up health outcomes.

Writing in the Times, Dr Rose argued that polyclinics had helped shift care to the community and improve patient choice.

‘With a change in government and policy, momentum will inevitably be lost,’ he wrote. ‘Many of the reforms in the manifesto are not new, but combined and introduced in a sustained way, they could effect change in the NHS.’

‘Facilitated by the polyclinic concept with an array of GP services, outpatient clinics, health information and so on in one place, the number of clinicians a patient needs to see and the number of clinics they attend is reduced, thus speeding up the process.’

He added: ‘As the NHS has evolved over recent years the presence of independent organisations has increased and a notion of payment by results is becoming more widely accepted. At the core is a drive for clinicians to achieve the best health outcomes for everyone, wherever they live.’

‘The possibility of more independent providers could be a catalyst for just this.’

Pulse reported earlier this month that the Conservatives have opened up talks with a series of private providers after pledging to step up the role of the independent sector in the NHS. The party said talks were ongoing with ‘a wide range’ of providers from the private and voluntary sectors.

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Private providers to cover GP extended hours

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Pulse | By Gareth Iacobucci | 28 January 2010

Private firms will be able to cover extended-hours shifts for practices that do not to provide the service, under the next stage of the Government’s controversial drive to widen access to primary care.

Neighbouring practices could also take on the shifts, in a move the GPC has denounced as ‘a terrific recipe for fragmenting care’.

A letter sent to PCTs and SHAs by Gary Belfield, DH head of primary care, sets out how the Government plans to implement prime minister Gordon Brown’s pledge that all patients would have access to evening and weekend appointments.

The letter, providing details on the extension of the extended hours DES for 2010/11, makes clear that practices will not be forced to offer extended opening themselves, but that other providers will be drafted in where a practice does not.

It says: ‘A key priority is to seek to provide access to evening/weekend appointments for patients whose practices are not providing extended opening, for instance by asking other practices to provide this services, or by commissioning out-of-hours providers to offer bookable appointment slots for routine care.’

One firm, the Practice PLC, which has won a string of GP-led health centre contracts, has already indicated its willingness to take on extended-hours shifts.

Dr Jeremy Rose, clinical director and founder GP of The Practice, said: ‘The Government’s proposal is something we support and is a principle already being delivered at GP-led health centres to non-registered patients. The traditional view patients value continuity of care more than convenience is becoming questionable.’

Latest figures show around 77% of practices offering extended hours, but the Government wants access for all patients and has agreed PCTs should plough £161m into commissioning extended opening 2010/11 under the updated DES.

But GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman attacked the proposal, calling it ‘an aggressive act against general practice’.

‘Patients will be baffled by this, practices will be angered by it,’ he said. ‘It’s deliberately designed to antagonise practices who are not offering extended hours, and I’m not sure it will improve the care of those patients either.’

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Harmoni merger with Thamesdoc

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Harmoni website | accessed 27 January 2010

Harmoni is delighted to announce that Thamesdoc GPs have voted unanimously in favour of their Board’s recommended merger with Harmoni.

Stephen Price, Chief Executive of Thamesdoc, said “The recent Care Quality Commission interim report highlights the importance of delivering a high quality service where patient care and patient experience are the top priority. We believe that this adds further weight to the move for Out of Hours providers to consolidate in order to have the scale to deliver the best patient care. Thamesdoc and Harmoni are a natural fit. We share common roots as GP based Co-Operatives, have a good fit culturally and are geographically adjacent. I am confident that this merger will enhance the ability of both organisations to deliver high quality care to the populations we serve”.

Andrew Gardner, Harmoni’s Chief Executive, said “This merger reinforces Harmoni’s position as the market leader in the provision of Urgent Care services in England, and further enhances our ability to invest in the people, infrastructure, systems and processes required to provide the best possible patient care. We will set up a new Region based on the South East Coast Strategic Health Authority geography made up of the two companies existing services in Surrey and West Sussex and targeting the new opportunities that are emerging across the rest of the SHA. We will retain the Thamesdoc brand in Surrey where it is well respected and continue to use the Harmoni brand elsewhere.””

Harmoni is a leading provider of primary care services to more than 6 million patients across England. Its services are commissioned by over 20 NHS PCTs and include Out of Hours services, GP led Health Centres, Urgent Care Centres, Single Points of Access and Admission Avoidance schemes.

Thamesdoc is a GP co-operative providing Out of Hours and other urgent care services to patients in Surrey and parts of West Sussex and Hampshire.

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Care UK chief hits out at renewal process as ITC contracts expire

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Health Service Journal | 21 JANUARY 2010 | BY ALISON MOORE

The process for renewing contracts for the first independent treatment centres has been described as a “pig’s ear” by the chief executive of the largest independent provider in that sector.

Ten of the “first wave” contracts are due to expire in the next six months – with the general election expected midway through that period – and the future of many of the centres is uncertain.

At least one, the Kidderminster treatment centre in Worcestershire, is likely to close its doors. The centre will return to NHS use from next month, although the team running it plans to continue doing NHS work at a local independent hospital.

The future of the Greater Manchester surgical centre hangs on whether owner Trafford Healthcare Trust decides to use the site itself or to rent it out.

Many of the others are likely to continue but will offer treatment at tariff through patient choice, rather than through a block contract.

The firms running the centres have been told they have to go through a tender process to rent the buildings from the NHS – leading to uncertainty for staff and patients.

Mike Parish, chief executive of Care UK, which operates two sites coming up for renewal, said this had led to a “pig’s ear of a process”, with firms being offered short term contract extensions at the last minute because primary care trusts still had the contracts out to tender.

At the Barlborough centre in Chesterfield, run by Care UK, staff had to be formally told they were at risk of redundancy – only for managers to hear the next day that its contract had been extended.

“We have gone absolutely to the precipice with Barlborough,” said Mr Parish. “We have now agreed a short term tenancy with the PCT to give them an extra three or six months to sort out the lease.”

Several PCTs are at an early stage in inviting tenders for their sites. Lincolnshire PCT does not expect a new contract to come into force at its Gainsborough site until next year, according to tender documents. Many new leases will be for only three years, so PCTs and centre operators may have to repeat the process in 2013.

Mr Parish said independent centre operators had expected to switch to payment at tariff for any patients they could attract at the end of the original five year contracts, which offered guaranteed payments regardless of the number of patients treated.

But they learnt a few months ago that if their premises were owned by the NHS, as most are, they would have to go through a tendering process in order to continue to use them. Operators will pay market rent for the sites in future.

“The Department of Health, in its wisdom, decided that there would be some sort of procurement process for the leases,” he said. “It does seem odd that we have to go through a tender process to continue operating hospitals that we have operated for the last five years while NHS hospitals don’t.”

Care UK hit the headlines last week after reports its chairman had made a £21,000 donation to shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley’s office.

Health secretary Andy Burnham wrote to Mr Lansley questioning whether it was acceptable for a shadow minister

to “accept private donations from companies that have a vested interest in their policy areas”.

A Conservative spokesman said the donation was “fully within the rules”.

Independent provider Ramsay said it “understands the need” for a tendering process but some contracts may have extensions to allow this to be concluded.

The Department of Health said it announced in July that there would be a competitive tendering process where the NHS had identified a continuing need for services. It added there has been “an ongoing dialogue” between providers, the local NHS and the DH in each area.

Care UK and Ramsay may apply to run centres they do not operate at present, and Netcare – which runs the Greater Manchester centre – says it will consider case-by-case bidding.

NHS Partners Network director David Worskett was critical of the delay in resolving the contracts.

In some cases, operators will be paid at tariff but are being given “activity plans” by PCTs – an indication of the level of work they will be doing, which should help manage cash flow.

In others, PCTs say they now have sufficient capacity in the local healthcare system but they are willing to lease premises if the independent contractors take the risk of attracting sufficient patients.

The centres will also no longer be bound by “additionality” rules, which prevented NHS clinicians working in them and often forced them to recruit clinical staff from abroad.

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New Hook services to include GP led health centre

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NHS Kingston | Press Release | 19 January 2010

NHS Kingston has announced the preferred location of a new GP led health centre which will open later this year in Gosbury Hill, Hook.

The centre – the first of its kind in Kingston – will offer a range of walk-in services and appointments to both registered and non-registered patients.

The GP led health centre will operate in addition to Grays Medical Practice and Orchard Practice, which are already based on the site.

David Smith, chief executive for NHS Kingston, said: “It’s good news that a venue for the GP led centre has been found which will provide additional health services for local residents including walk-in services and longer opening hours.

“Patients who currently use the two GP practices on the same site can continue to have a relationship with their existing GPs – the new service is about providing additional health services for a wider patient group.”

At the end of last year, following an open tendering process, the Grays Medical Practice was appointed as the preferred bidder to buy the Gosbury Hill site and to develop new premises for both its own practice and the neighbouring Orchard Practice which occupies the same building.

The Grays Medical Practice will be leading the development of the premises which will include the new GP led centre. Malling Health will be contracted by NHS Kingston to run the GP led health centre and provide a high standard of service for local people.

Dr John Gray, from Grays Medical Practice, said: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to take the Gosbury Hill site into the new decade for the benefit of all local residents. We’ll be using our expertise on local health needs to lead the development of the new premises.

Working with Malling Health and the neighbouring Orchard Practice, we’ll ensure there continues to be a high standard of health service for local residents.”

Plans are being developed for state-of-the-art premises that will be lighter, more spacious and enable the practices to benefit from the latest technological developments. A planning application is expected within the first few months of this year.

It is anticipated that walk-in services will be available at Gosbury Hill without impacting on current GP services. This will be achieved by some internal reorganisation of the building which is expected to be completed in April 2010.

In the longer term, the site will also provide additional health services for the local community as part of NHS Kingston’s ongoing polysystems programme bringing more services closer to home.

Notes to editors

What is a GP Led Health Centre?

In October 2007, Lord Darzi published the interim report of the NHS Next Stage Review (England only), which announced a number of immediate recommendations, including the establishment of 1 new GP-led health centre per PCT.

The GP Led Health Centre will be a new service that will offer GP and Nurse Appointments.

The centre will offer a full range of medical services to all registered and non registered patients offering pre-bookable appointments, walk-in services and other co-located services.

For more information on NHS Kingston’s polysystems programme go to

For more information contact Sarah Campion, NHS Kingston communications team; tel:020
8339 8086, email:

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Increased GP services for north Birmingham residents step closer

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Assura Group | Press Release | 18 January 2010

A new GP practice is set to open in north Birmingham following a contract award by NHS Birmingham East and North.

Operated by Assura Vertis LLP, the practice will be based at the Warren Farm Health Centre and will work with its local community to develop an increased range of health facilities relevant to the needs of the local population.

The practice will offer increased choice to local patients as well as extended opening hours by opening until 8pm two evenings a week and on Saturday mornings.

The contract was awarded as part of the Government’s national Equitable Access to Primary Medical Care (EAPMC) services programme which was designed to increase access to GPs in communities that have traditionally experienced greater levels of ill health and have access to a lower number of GPs than other areas.

Under the scheme NHS Birmingham East and North has been allocated extra funding to commission new GP practices and a new GP-led health centre. Following a detailed tender process, work on a new practice for Kingstanding was given the green light when the GPs came in to sign contracts with the trust.

Dr Ian Morrey, a local GP and chair of Assura Vertis, said: “Assura Vertis is pleased to have this opportunity to work with NHS Birmingham East and North to provide this additional access to a GP or nurse for the local community. We look forward to providing the patients of Kingstanding with high quality, easy and convenient access to a GP or nurse, when they need it.”

Director of resources for Birmingham East and North, Jonathan Tringham said: “I am delighted that we are working in partnership to produce a brand new GP practice with high quality services for patients. We have taken into account what our patients wanted from a GP practice and have incorporated views put forward through the public consultation.”


Press enquiries regarding Assura Group to:

Andrew McKeon, AJM Public Relations.
Tel: 01423 734 560; Mobile: 07802 484 155

Louise Bathersby, Assura Group.
Tel: 020 7107 3830

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Lib Dems and Tories turn both barrels on Burnham over private sector block

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Pulse | By Gareth Iacobucci | 18 January 2010

The Liberal Democrats have joined the Tories in condemning health secretary Andy Burnham’s pledge to treat the NHS as the ‘preferred provider’.

Speaking at private firm Circle Health’s conference in Bath last week, Liberal Democrat health spokesman Norman Lamb said the move to give NHS providers at least two chances to improve before allowing alternative providers to run services would severely hamper attempts to ramp up productivity in the NHS.

Mr Lamb said providers should be judged on quality, not on their status, and accused Labour of being in the pockets of the unions.

The move aligns the Lib Dems with the Conservatives, who have vowed to open up the market to more providers if elected, and, as Pulse revealed last week, have already begun talks with a host of private firms.

Mr Lamb said: ‘I strongly disagree with the secretary of state’s provider pledge; it is a stitch up with the unions. It will set back the task of improving productivity; you need that challenge to existing providers.’

He added: ‘You need that insurgency [from new providers]. It’s never the traditional providers coming up with the innovative ideas. The test should be quality.’

Shadow health secretary Andrew Lansley, also speaking at the event, accused Labour of back-peddling on its reform agenda, but said his party would push ahead with stimulating competition.

He said: ‘Not only was wave 2 of ISTCs abandoned, but Andy Burnham’s pledge is being interpreted as abandonment of any willing provider. The reform process hasn’t been pursued, and isn’t coherent. I will pursue any willing provider. As far as we can we should create a level playing field, and realise the benefits of competition.’

The views of both opposition parties were backed by Ali Parsa, chief executive of Circle, who urged the next Government to lower the drawbridge to all potential market entrants, and not waste time protecting existing providers.

He said: ‘We have a fundamental challenge. We now have to focus relentlessly on improving quality while reducing cost. Do we gamble on incumbents to make these changes? I don’t think they will be successful.’

‘My appeal to politicians is to bring down the barriers to entry. Do not waste your time and energy backing the British Leylands of this world. Let the talent come through. We have wasted billions of pounds supporting incumbents. Create the policies that lower the barrier to entry. It costs us nothing.’

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GP practice to open its doors to 6,000 Southampton patients next week

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Southampton Community Healthcare | accessed 10 January 2010

It will be even easier for people in Southampton to access their GP with the opening of the new Adelaide GP Surgery next week (Tuesday 12 January 2010).

Based at the brand new Adelaide Health Centre, which is also home to a range of NHS services, the surgery will offer extended opening hours of 8am to 8pm, seven days week, excluding bank holidays.

With both male and female doctors, the Adelaide GP Surgery will provide the same care offered by a traditional GP practice including flu jabs, blood tests, health promotion services, whilst also being located in the same building as a number of important NHS services. Patients who register with the surgery will be able to see a doctor every day by appointment, and will have the added benefit of being able to walk-in to see an experienced nurse without an appointment between 8am and 8pm.

Dave Meehan, Managing Director, at Southampton Community Healthcare said: “These are exciting times. We are proud to be providing people in Southampton with the opportunity to register with a brand new GP Surgery with the added benefit of a walk-in service for registered patients. The new Surgery, which will have capacity for 6,000 patients, will make it even easier for people to see a GP and other healthcare professionals.”

Lead GP, Dr Mike Brooke who has been a practicing GP in Southampton since 1988 and who was previously based at Atherley House Surgery, said: “The new facilities are good news for people living in the West of Southampton. The staff at the surgery are looking forward to providing patients with high-quality care in a modern and purpose built health setting. We look forward to welcoming the first patients to the new Surgery.”

Bob Deans, Chief Executive, NHS Southampton City, welcomed the opening, saying: “The Adelaide GP Surgery will be a fantastic addition to the NHS services available in Southampton and I am delighted it will officially open to the public next week. The 8am to 8pm opening times will offer improved access and join the majority of practices in Southampton now offering greater flexibility to Southampton patients through extended hours.”

Bob Deans continued: “The new surgery has the added benefit of offering a walk-in service for registered patients, and is based within a state-of-the-art building which is home to a wide range of NHS services. This one-stop-shop feature will mean that those patients who require a wide-range of healthcare treatments will be able to receive excellent care in one, easy to access location. NHS Southampton City is committed to ensuring that healthcare in Southampton meets the real needs of our people, and the opening of the Adelaide GP Surgery is a key development in improving the health of patients and the City as a whole.”

Patients who wish to register with the Surgery, which is based at the Adelaide Health Centre on the Western Community Hospital site, should ring 0300 123 6066 or visit the Surgery from Tuesday 12 January.


Notes for Editors:

  • Media opportunity: Media are invited to attend the surgery on 12 January 2010 between 10am and 11am for interviews and photo opportunities. Please contact Andrea Musk on 023 8060 8935 to confirm attendance.
  • Attached with this press release are images of the Adelaide Health Centre and the new GP surgery. More images are available on request.
  • Other NHS services available at the Adelaide Health Centre include:
  • PodiatryServices
  • Leg Ulcer and Tissue Viability
  • Physiotherapy
  • Specialist Services
  • Community Neurological Rehabilitation Team
  • Health Visitors
  • An official opening of the surgery will take place later in the year, for which a future media release will be circulated.
  • NHS Southampton City is responsible for investing in health and care services to effectively meet the needs of the City’s population. For more information, please go to
  • NHS Southampton City now has a Twitter page – sign up today for the latest information
  • The Adelaide Health Centre was built under the Government’s Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) scheme by South West Hampshire LIFT Limited, a public private partnership which is owned by NHS Southampton City, NHS Hampshire, Community Health Partnerships and a consortium of companies led by leading health provider Assura. LIFT is a Government vehicle for improving and developing frontline primary and community care facilities. It allows PCTs to invest in new premises in new locations, not merely reproduce existing types of services. It provides patients with modern, integrated health services in high quality, fit for purpose primary care premises. South West Hampshire LIFT Limited is the LIFTCo for the South West Hampshire LIFT area. It is a public private partnership made up of the following constituents: Hampshire and Southampton City PCTs (20%), Community Health Partnerships (Department of Health: 20%) and a private sector consortium (Assura 54%, Geoffrey Osbourne 6%). Please visit the website at:

For more information please contact Andrea Musk, Communications Manager, Southampton Community Healthcare on 023 8060 8935.

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Tory boost for providers

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Pulse | 6 January 2010

Any provider able to deliver a service that meets required standards and is within a NHS tariff will be allowed to offer their services to patients, the Conservatives have announced in their draft health manifesto.

The document says the Tories want to ‘open up the NHS to include new independent and voluntary sector providers. If they can deliver a service that patients want to a high standard and within the NHS tariff then they should be allowed to do so’.

It adds: ‘We will give everyone the power to choose any healthcare provider that meets NHS standards.’

The policy appears to draw a line in the sand over the NHS market with Labour whose health secretary Andy Burnham last year said the NHS was the ‘preferred provider’.

Published on Monday to kickstart the Tory election campaign, the document also makes clear GPs will be the commissioners of patients’ care and will hold patients’ budgets.

‘We want the family doctor to be the patient’s guide throughout the NHS so we will give GPs the power to hold patients’ budgets and commission care on their behalf either in hospitals or using other forms of treatment and therapy in GP surgeries or specialised clinics.’

The manifesto also pledges to cut NHS administration by a third by devolving decision making to patients.

The NAPC said it ‘warmly welcomed’ the manifesto’s proposals, particularly the move to give GPs the power to hold patients’ budgets.

‘Such a proposal resonates strongly with this organisation’s own manifesto published last November’, commented Mike Ramsden, Chief Executive Officer of NAPC.

‘Similarly, NAPC is delighted that the Conservatives intend to devolve decision-making closer to patients, eliminating unnecessary layers of bureaucracy and transfer freed up resources to support frontline doctors and nurses’, he continued. ‘Such a move is extremely important, at a time when the funding of the NHS is so very seriously challenged’.

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Mersey View Surgery & GP Led Walk-in Service

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Care UK | accessed 4 January 2010


Mersey View Surgery & GP Led Walk-in Service is a facility commissioned by NHS Liverpool Primary Care Trust. The centre, operated by Care UK, a leading independent provider of health and social care services, is located within Everton Road Health Centre, 45 Everton Road, Liverpool.

The centre is open every day from 8am-8pm and offers a range of comprehensive services to registered patients and a walk-in service for the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, without having to make an appointment.

Mersey View Surgery & GP Led Walk-in Service
45 Everton Road, L6 2EH.

Manager: Sue Hagan
Telephone: 0151 300 8232
Fax: 0151 263 7006

View Website

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Hemlington GP practice opens to mark end of £11m project

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Gazette Live | by Sarah Judd, Evening Gazette | 4 January 2010

A NEW walk-in GP practice has opened in Hemlington, marking the completion of an £11m boost to primary care services on Teesside.

NHS Tees approved plans to open six new GP surgeries and four GP-led health centres in August 2008 to help tackle some of the area’s more serious health problems.

And staff are now celebrating as the last of the new facilities opened its doors.

Chris Willis, chief executive of NHS Tees said: “We are delighted to see the last of these new practices open its doors.

“These recent initiatives show our commitment to improve patients’ access to local health services in areas where they are most needed.

“This £11m investment is a tremendous boost for primary care provision, improving access to GP services right across the Tees area.”

Hemlington NHS Medical Centre is currently housed in temporary premises adjacent to the Viewley Centre and is open from 8am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday.

A permanent base for the centre is planned within the refurbished Viewley Centre which is expected to reopen in April.

The £11m investment in primary care across the NHS Tees area has seen the opening of Stockton NHS Health Centre in High Newham Road, Eston Grange NHS Health Care Centre in Queen Street, South Bank and the Resolution Health Centre in Trinity Mews, North Ormesby.

Hartlepool NHS Healthcare Centre in Victoria Road, Hartlepool has also opened as part of the investment.

Each centre is open from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and anyone can walk-in for treatment without an appointment even if they are not registered as a patient.

The Eston facility will be relocated in 2010 to the new Low Grange Farm medical facility currently being constructed on Normanby Road, South Bank.

New GP practices have also been opened in Skelton, Redcar, Hemlington, Park End in Middlesbrough, The Fens in Hartlepool and Hartfields Extra Care Village in Hartlepool.

Services at the new Hemlington practice are being provided by Bondcare and prospective patients are asked to call 01642 514350 to register.

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