Contract Performance Report Provider Landscape

Posted on December 19, 2009. Filed under: Reports/papers |

NHS Lincolnshire | Primary medical services | accessed 19 December 2009 [pdf]

NHS Lincolnshire contracts with 97 general practices and its provider arm runs a further 4 GPpractices. There are over 400 GPs currently included in NHS Lincolnshire’s primary medicalperformer list. Practices range in size from single handed GPs to large practices serving 20,000people. The practices operate from 140 premises across the county giving an indication of thedispersed nature of the local population and the large geographical area covered by theorganisation.

Many of the practices are monopolies within a very small geographic area and 66 practices aredispensing practices. 45 practices have General Medical Services (GMS) contracts, 52 PersonalMedical Services (PMS) contracts with the 4 practices operated by NHS Lincolnshire, holdingPersonal Medical Services contracts.

NHS Lincolnshire spends just over £105m (excluding prescribing) on primary medical services andhas a wide range of contracts for enhanced services including a primary care surgical scheme,sexual health services, chlamydia screening, anticoagulation, minor injuries and services forpatients with leg ulcers. NHS Lincolnshire provider arm also provides some of these enhanced services.


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