New GP Practices for Rotherham Primary Care Trust

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Rotherham PCT | A public consultation May to July 2008 | accessed 18 December 2009 [pdf]

Rotherham Primary Care Trust (PCT) is committed toimproving people’s health. One way in which we cando this is by making it easier for people to see theirGP. We want to set up a new GP practice and a newGP-led health centre in Rotherham. They need to belocated in the areas of Rotherham that will bringmost benefits to local populations.

Our plans link in with those of Health Minister, LordDarzi, who is currently running a national reviewcalled ‘Our NHS, Our Future’. Last year he gave acommitment to establish 150 GP-led health centresand 100 new GP practices across the country in areasof greatest need. Rotherham will benefit from newinvestment to support these developments.We have carefully considered where the new Practiceand Health Centre should be, taking into accountthe health needs of particular areas, the location andnumber of current GPs, population trends and wherenew housing is being developed.

New GP Practice

We are proposing to set up a GP Practice in the North of Rotherham in the Wath/Hoober Wards. At this stage we have only identified the area rather than the precise location. The new GP Practice is likely to have four doctors working together to serve at least 6,000 patients. They must offer new services and extended opening hours so people can visit the Practice at different times that go beyond the normal working day.

New GP-led Health Centre

We are planning to provide a new GP Practice in the new Health Centre which will open in Rotherham town centre in November 2008. This facility will allow the maximum integration of a GP Practice with a Walk in Centre and other diagnostic services (including x-ray and ultrasound) that are available on site. They will offer longer opening hours and services to registered and non-registered patients in an innovative way.

How are we going to do it?

We are going to advertise for anyone interested in establishing a new GP Practice or the GP-led Health Centre and we will be looking to award contracts by the end of December 2008. We will be looking for these new GP practices to be run under a contract known as Alternative Provider of Medical Services (APMS). This means that services could be run by local GP practices, NHS organisations or other commercial providers of such services. Regardless of who runs them, the NHS services will remain free at the point of delivery.


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