Proposal for a new GP-led health centre in Leeds

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If you are reading this document then we believe you are interested in what happens to your local health services and would like to get involved. We welcome this and are pleased to hear your thoughts.
1 What this document is about

1.1 This document has been produced by Leeds Primary Care Trust (PCT), the local NHS organisation responsible for planning and paying for GP services. We want to let you know about our plans to open a new GP-led health centre in Leeds and are seeking the views and comments of patients who use health services, the public and stakeholders.
1.2 We will run a formal 12 week consultation from 19th May 2008 to 11th August 2008. This is an excellent opportunity for you to tell us what you want from your GP services so that we can develop a service that meets your needs.
Please use the comments form provided with this document to give us your views or ring the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on freephone 0800 0525 270 who will listen to your views and feed them into the consultation process.

2 Background

2.1 In October 2007, Health Minister Professor Lord Darzi published his interim report into a review of the NHS, Our NHS, Our Future. Following this, the Government announced its intention to see 150 new GP-led health centres established across England, one in every PCT area.

2.2 The health centre can be established in an existing health building or a new building, and must offer new services and longer opening hours so that people can visit outside of normal working hours.

2.3 It must be located in an area which would benefit from additional primary care services.

2.4 In addition to this it must also be located in an area that is easily accessible for all Leeds patients.

2.5 The proposed new health centre in Leeds will make sure more patients will have access and choice of treatment from health care professionals. It is an additional service in Leeds. Please be assured that no GP practices will be closing.

2.6 This consultation process is about the services the Leeds GP-led health centre could provide.

3 What is a GP-led health centre?

A GP-led health centre is one where a GP is in attendance at all times. Nurses and other health professionals will also see patients.

4 Who will be able to use it?

Anyone who lives within the area covered by the health centre boundary will be able to register with the practice in the usual way. Patients who are not registered will also be able to access services, such as people who work in Leeds but don’t live here.

5 Where will it be?

5.1 The Burmantofts area of Leeds has been identified as a priority area that would benefit from increased primary medical care services. The GP-led health centre will initially be provided from the already established Burmantofts Health Centre which is currently owned by Leeds PCT.

5.2 There will be some improvements made to the building to make sure that it meets the requirements of a GP-led health centre. In the longer term the PCT will work with relevant stakeholders, for example local organisations, doctors and the local community, on future plans for Burmantofts. This may include further building work or looking for a brand new building.

6 Why will it be here?

6.1 We have looked at information about people’s health in Leeds and the existing services already available. This includes other centres in Leeds which are open across a range of hours where people can currently access health care. (Please see section 6.5). We have taken these into consideration and thought about how a new service can complement those services that are already in operation. Using all this information our proposal for the location of the new GP-led health centre is Burmantofts.

6.2 Information about the health needs of the local population supports this decision. For example, this area currently has higher than the city’s average rate of teenage pregnancies, low birth weights, deaths from cancer, coronary heart disease and circulatory diseases.

6.3 Burmantofts is to the east of the city, close to St. James’s Hospital, and has good public transport services from Leeds city centre.

6.4 We believe that by opening the new GP-led health centre at Burmantofts we have focused on one of the areas where the need is greatest. Burmantofts Health Centre is also easily accessible to all patients from the city centre.

6.5 Other centres where patients can obtain health services from include:

St. George’s Minor Injury Unit, Middleton, Leeds

Open 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday (times may vary over holidays)

Wharfedale Minor Injury Unit, Wharfedale Hospital, Otley

Open 8am – 11pm every day (times may vary over holidays)

Commuter Walk-in Centre, The Light, Leeds for minor illness and injury

Open 7am – 7pm Monday to Friday including bank holidays (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day)

Current opening times of these centres are being evaluated as part of a review of urgent care. This is based on what the people of Leeds told us last year during a similar engagement process.

7 What services will it provide?

Registered Patients

7.1 The health centre will register local patients in the same way as a normal GP practice would, but anyone else should also be able to get an appointment or access the walk-in service even if they are not registered at the practice.

7.2 It will be open from 8am until 8pm, seven days a week.

7.3 As well as the services that you would usually receive at a GP practice, we would also like to offer more services. At the back of this document are a few questions that will help us decide what additional services you would like us to put in the health centre.

7.4 The health centre will provide core services that must be provided by any GP practice for its registered patients. It will also provide a range of additional services that will be required to meet the needs of its local population, such as: outpatient clinics, minor surgery, alcohol services and sexual health services .

7.5 Non registered patients

The health centre will provide a range of services to non registered patients that have either requested an appointment, or wish to be seen on a drop-in basis. This could be because they can’t get to their own GP and are at work or it is outside of their own GP opening hours.

7.6 Walk-in services

People not registered with the GP-led health centre will be able to obtain fast access to health advice and treatment for a range of conditions such as: – sprains, coughs, colds, headaches, bites, burns, and rashes.

8 Who will run the health centre?

8.1 We are advertising for anyone interested in providing new GP services and we will be looking to award the contracts by the end of 2008. The new centre should then be up and running by early 2009.

8.2 The contract we award is known as an Alternative Provider of Medical Services (APMS) contract. This means that the NHS services could be provided by local GP practices, NHS organisations, social enterprises or commercial providers of such services. This will still be an NHS service which is free at the point of delivery to all patients and be expected to meet and exceed all the minimum standards around quality of care, safety and governance.

9 How are patient and public views being listened to?

9.1 We are keen to hear your views on how this service could best be developed to suit the needs of patients. Here in Leeds we are planning a number of drop-in events and these will take place over the next three months until 11th August. We will also be gathering comments and feedback from written questionnaires. Please see the enclosed feedback form and how to give us your thoughts and ideas.

10 How to give your views

We hope that you will take the time to let us know your views and anything else you think we should consider when developing the new GP-led health centre, including what services you think should be made available there.

11 How we will use the information

11.1 The outcome of the consultation will be used to influence the final specification of the new health centre and what we ask the company or organisation which wins the contract to provide.

11.2 A report of the analysed responses will be widely published and shared at a public Board meeting, the date of which has yet to be agreed. This report will be written once the consultation period has ended in August.

11.3 This report will be published on Leeds PCT’s website at

Terms used in this document

GP-led health centre

A health centre that provides a range of services, including GP services and community nursing where the care is managed by GPs. In addition to GPs, nurses and other healthcare professionals will also see patients.

Primary care

When people develop a health problem, usually their first point of contact is their doctor, dentist, pharmacist or optometrist. These health professionals work as part of the NHS front line team which is referred to as primary care. They work alongside practice nurses, district nurses, health visitors, speech and language therapists and other healthcare specialists to provide a wide range of non hospital-based health care services to the local population.


Organisations and individuals with an interest in the activities of the NHS. Stakeholders are involved in partnership working and are used for consultation purposes.

Walk-in centre

Centre led by nurses providing treatment for minor illnesses and injuries, for example, sprains, coughs, colds, headaches and flu-like symptoms. This service can be used by anyone on a walk in/drop in basis. No appointment is necessary.

Non registered

Patients that are not registered with any GP or patients living in or outside of Leeds that are registered with a GP Practice, but not registered with the GP-led Health Centre.

Health centre boundary

Designated area around the health centre. People who live in this area will be able to register as a patient at the health centre. The boundary has yet to be agreed.

Further reading

Our NHS, Our Future: NHS next stage review – interim report

Department of Health October 2007



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