Serious concern over damaging effect of new 8-to-8 health centre in Oadby

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The Oadby and Wigston Conservative Group has raised serious concerns over the effect of the new 8-8 Health Centre in Oadby on patients and existing GP surgeries. Already district nurses housed in the Oadby Clinic, which is to be converted to an 8-8 centre, have been told to vacate the premises before Christmas.

NHS Leicestershire County and Rutland voted to go ahead with the 8-8 centre on 5th November but the impact of the centre on local GPs and patients is worrying local Conservatives, with major concerns yet to be addressed.

The main concerns of Oadby and Wigston Conservative Group are:

District Nurses, presently housed in the clinic building, have been told they have to move within the next month, jeopardising the care and services they provide.

Concern whether the centre will bring additional funding or whether existing surgeries will have their funding reduced.

Where the new practice will draw its own registered patients from and the effect of losing patients on smaller practices.

It is unclear what will happen to profit made by United Health Primary Care, an American company, and whether it is ploughed back into local healthcare or simply skimmed off by shareholders.

The existing site for the 8-8 centre is too small for the proposed services and it is unclear how expansion will be achieved without moving site again, further confusing and disrupting local healthcare.

The lack of consultation by the PCT with our local doctors and patients. There is little evidence of surveys and other consultations and the process used in the decision to site the centre in this location.

Conservatives are extremely disappointed at the lack of leadership shown by the Oadby and Wigston Borough Council in waiting so long to consult with residents and in their lack of support for their local GP surgeries. Furthermore, they are also highly displeased that many residents are only finding out about the new centre after it has been announced in the press.

A public meeting has been called for 15th December after pressure from Cllr. Colin Gore, Leader of the Conservative Group at Oadby and Wigston Borough Council.

Conservative Councillor Mrs. Jill Gore said

“No-one can argue with the concept, but one can query the effect on local surgeries. Negotiation is an integral part of any process, but I fear the most important groups of people – the residents and our local medical personnel have been excluded from this aspect and presented with a fait accompli.”

Local MP Edward Garnier, said

“The days when the public were kept in the dark about important changes to local NHS provision or planning matters are surely long over. We have a right to know in advance what is intended and how our taxes are to be spent. It should not have taken Conservative councillors and activists to get this all out in the open. The Council’s governing Liberal Democrat group should have been dealing with this some time ago – it now seems things have been set in place and there is little local people or GP practices and NHS employees can do about it.”

Graham Wilson, Vice Chairman of Oadby Conservative Group, added to these comments with concerns about the effect of the new centre on elderly and patients with chronic conditions:

“The relationship between a GP and a patient is of the utmost importance and one built on trust. Many Oadby and Wigston residents, especially the elderly and patients with long-term illnesses, will be worried whether their practice will be forced to close and they will have to visit a new and unfamiliar GP. This can only be stressful for the patient and is a shameful situation for the Borough to be in.”


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